Traffic Signal

Film Story

Traffic Signal is a short film based on a poem by MUSKAN ASTHANA, this film shows the struggles that the underprivileged section of society encounters everyday ,moreover highlights the issue of child labour in the societyThis film shows the drawbacks of our society regarding the education of underprivileged children. How these kids are being a victim of it and are working at a very tender age, to make a living. However education not only helps in all over growth of the nation, but also improves an individual’s life. In the film a writer gets affected by watching a tender aged boy working on signals and starts to write a poem about his struggles and sacrifices. She also writes about the society’s behavior towards him.. his helplessness ..then too his satisfaction and few happy moments in chronic scarcity. Then she helps him in education.. The film inspires people to come forward and help these kids to fly. “WE NEED TO SET THEIR WINGS, NOT CUT THEM”

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